Françoise Pétrovitch

A bruits secrets


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In her first solo exhibition in Switzerland, French artist Françoise Pétrovitch takes over Gruyères Castle and scatters fragments of mysterious stories inside the building. Drawing on a repertoire of images that are sometimes fragile and sometimes threatening, she presents her abundant work (painting, sculpture, video) and unveils a set of bespoke works created exclusively for the castle.

Throughout the rooms, sacred animals stand guard while portraits appear between the historic paintings. Playing with the palette of places and contrasts, Françoise Pétrovitch takes us to meet elusive figures frozen in their frame or modeled in the earth, all silently singing an enchanting hymn.

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Photo Esplanade

Alfio Tommasini


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Open the garden doors and discover a piece of paradise with Photo Esplanade. Alfio Tommasini takes us to Iran, cradle of the ancient and historical art of gardening through a series of images shown for the very first time.

Pairidaēza, “walled garden” in Persian, evokes a place of protection, freedom and enjoyment, but also a metaphorical representation of the universe. From the deserts of Persepolis to the gardens of Tehran, the photographer from Ticino takes us on a spellbinding journey. Exploring first the remains of ancient gardens and the spirituality of their architecture, this quest leads us to the lush green paradises where Iranians still love to bask.

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Christmas for the Fatherland


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Although Christmas usually evokes love and sharing, it has not always been celebrated in times of peace. Since the 19th century, Europe has experienced several periods of tension and conflict which have left their mark on Christmas traditions.

Christmas for the Fatherland invites you to discover nationalistic decorations for Christmas trees, military toys made just for children, greeting cards sent to the front and much more. All the patriotic and ideological symbols proliferated in private homes in France, Germany, Great Britain, and even Switzerland, to spread a common message and unite the nation in wartime.

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