Marc-Antoine Fehr

09.07. – 16.10.22

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The work of Marc-Antoine Fehr is made of the stuff of waking dreams, the substance of which appears both familiar and foreign at the same time. Strangely objective, it conjures visions that emerge from the paper or canvas and leave a profound imprint on our retinas. His subject matter is drawn from his immediate surroundings – his house, studio, those close to him, as well as humble abandoned objects and photographs. The painter constructs worlds that slowly disappear into the shadows.

For his exhibition in Gruyères, the Swiss artist (who lives and works between Burgundy and Zurich) presents an impressive selection of works and objects that haunt his studio. The portraits, still lifes, interior scenes and monumental compositions take their place among different historical rooms throughout the castle and reveal a mysterious world, a part of which remains forever elusive.


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