Corps célestes

Corps célestes : Caroline Corbasson, "Collapse", 2017 (dét.) © Courtesy de l'artiste et Galerie Laurence Bernard
Corps célestes

A l’ère de l’exploration spatiale et du télescope Hubble, l’espace et ses astres demeurent un territoire merveilleux peuplé d’histoires et de mystères, mais aussi un champ des possibles incommensurable dans lequel l’homme projette ses questions, ses espoirs et ses fantasmes.

Cet été, le Château de Gruyères vous invite à lever les yeux et à plonger dans l’infini du ciel. Dans ce voyage, l’exposition vous emporte à travers les œuvres fascinantes d’artistes suisses et internationaux pour découvrir leurs recherches et leurs étonnements autour du ciel et des corps célestes qui l’animent.

Avec les œuvres de : Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, Dominique Blais, Caroline Corbasson, Matthieu Gafsou, Gaël Grivet, Alain Huck, Luc Mattenberger, Jeff Mills, Thomas Ruff, Marie Velardi.

Avec le soutien de
Loterie Romande

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Gruyères Castle has stood proudly atop a verdant hill in the heart of Switzerland since the 13th century.

Surrounded by the magnificent panorama of the Alpine foothills, the medieval fortress has been home first to the counts who built it, then to the bailiffs of Fribourg, and finally the Bovy and Balland families from Geneva, before opening its doors to the public in 1938.

Today, the castle houses prestigious collections that bear witness to its long and rich history. The treasures to be found within its walls include the capes of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the intricate stained-glass windows dating from the Middle Ages; the frescoes commissioned by the bailiffs under the Ancien Régime; paintings by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot; and the troubadour decorations of the Knights’ Hall, created at Gruyères in the 19th century by a colony of passionate artists. From its ramparts to its Frenchstyle gardens, from the guard room to its romantic salons, Gruyères Castle takes you on an adventure through eight centuries of art, history and legends.

Opening Hours

The castle is open eveyday of the year, 9am to 6pm from april to october and 10am to 5pm from november to march.

The castle’s visit takes about 1 hour.

Entry fees

Adults : CHF 12.00
Retired, students : CHF 8.00
Groups (starting from 15 « adult » entries) : CHF 8.00
Kids (from 6 to 15) : CHF 4.00
Under 6 years : free
Families (2 adults, 3 children under 16) : CHF 25.00

If you visit the same day another museum in Gruyères (Maison du Gruyère, Tibet Museum, HR Giger Museum), ask for a combined ticket with the castle.

All credit cards are accepted. Euros notes are accepted but the change is given back in Swiss Francs.


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