Marcel Rickli


11.03. – 11.06.23

Gruyères Castle opens its doors to AEON, a visual research project conducted by Marcel Rickli since 2018. Within the walls of the medieval fortress, the Zurich-based artist presents a fascinating exploration of highly sensitive sites whose memory must imperatively be passed on to future generations.

The photographer enters in impressive, yet discreet, buildings and reveals scientific experiments scenes as well as storage sites for radioactive waste produced by the power industry, medicine and research. Between documentary and artistic creation, Marcel Rickli unveils these new tombs of eternity, monuments destined to contain the threat over hundreds, even thousands of years. With his images, the artist also tests our ability to transmit information over a period that exceeds that of human writing and, to draw attention to the danger, visualizes modes of communication that can prove the test of time.

Curator of the exhibition
Filipe Dos Santos


Château de Gruyères

Rue du Château 8

1663 Gruyères

Ouvert tous les jours

9h - 18h (avril - octobre)
10h - 17h (novembre - mars)